N1 correspondent receives police protection after Srebrenica Mayor’s threats

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Marinko Sekulic

Journalist Marinko Sekulic from Srebrenica, who was verbally attacked, insulted and threatened by the Mayor of Srebrenica, Mladen Grujicic, was placed under police protection. Pročitaj više

“Thanks to the letter to the chief of police in Zvornik sent on Monday by Duska Jurisic, the Deputy Minister for Human Rights of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are now under official police protection. A police patrol visits our house every three hours, and in the meantime, if I notice something suspicious, they told me to call the police. I was officially informed about this by the two police officers who came to the address,” Marinko Sekulic told N1.

The Mayor of Srebrenica called, threatened and insulted the journalist Marinko Sekulic, who reported the incident, filed a criminal complaint and asked for protection, stating that he did not feel safe after everything.

Sekulic’s protection and the investigation against Grujicic were also requested by Duska Jurisic from the head of the Zvornik Police Department, which is superior to the Srebrenica Police Department.

After Grujicic's attack on Sekulic, an unknown person also spread falsehoods against Sekulic, insulted him and incited hatred through a Facebook profile “Milos Srpska Srebrenica Obilic,” which Sekulic reported to the police in Srebrenica and filed a complaint for defamation, harassment, dissemination of false information and incitement.

Marinko Sekulic aka Kokeza is a journalist who returned to Srebrenica with his family in the early 2000s, where he still lives today with his wife Nermina. He worked for numerous domestic and international media outlets, and among other things, he also worked on the radio of the Municipality of Srebrenica until his retirement. From the beginning, he followed the return process to Srebrenica and the surrounding towns, filmed the returnees and recorded in detail all the events in the town and its surroundings. Because of his work and the way he reported, he has received anonymous calls and death threats before, but he would always continue to do his job. He published two books specifically about Srebrenica, the return and the returnees to preserve the symbols of that region from oblivion, and many of the people he wrote about are no longer alive. He is currently a correspondent for Deutsche Welle and N1.

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