N1 files criminal charges against Mulahusic, Avdic, Drina, Pasic and unknown persons

NEWS 20.09.202316:08 0 komentara

N1 / ADRIA NEWS BH Production filed criminal charges against Jasmin Mulahusic, Faruk Drina, Amir Pasic, Avdo Avdic and unknown persons for crimes of inciting ethnic, racial and religious hatred, discord and intolerance, endangering security, incitement and other related crimes from both the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Federation (FBiH) entity, over the targeted and extremely dangerous manhunt they conducted over the past several months against N1 Television in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its Director Amir Zukic. Pročitaj više

As stated in the reports submitted to the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) and the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jasmin Mulahusic and Faruk Drina’s posts on Facebook and Amir Pasic Faco’s posts on TikTok social network threatened the security of the applicant. They invited the wider public to commit crimes with direct and indirect threats, and with hate speech, they clearly called for violence and religious-ethnic conflicts, while publicly justifying crimes against humanity, which, as stated in the report, would threaten the security and the life of the applicant and lead to the disruption of public order and peace.

ADRIA NEWS BH Production also filed a complaint against journalist Avdo Avdic for the crime of inciting ethnic, racial and religious hatred, discord and intolerance, endangering security, incitement and other related and related crimes, following a text published on the Istraga.ba web portal on September 7, in which Avdic, without any evidence, and based solely on an interview shown on N1 television, calls this television “Z1” thus labelling the media, as well as its Director Amir Zukic, as followers of Russian military policy and, for the sake of personal interests, tried to cause tension in the public and characterize the applicant as an ‘enemy’, ignoring the fact that such behaviour seriously endangers his security. Avdic's text initiated numerous threats and insults directed at N1 television and Director Zukic.

BH Journalists Association expressed their concern about the months-long, “targeted, inappropriate and very dangerous manhunt that has been going on through the social networks Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) against Amir Zukic, N1’s Editor in Chief, where several people from the criminal milieu are posting threatening video messages, cursing and spreading hateful comments and death threats, questioning the personal and family security of N1’s Editor in Chief.”

Given that such acts seriously threaten the safety of the N1 staff and its Director Amir Zukic, especially taking into account that the constant tensions in society, allowing the spread of hatred and stigmatization can result in life-threatening consequences, the report suggests that the competent authorities conduct a thorough investigation and raise indictments against persons for whom criminal charges have already been filed, and determine the identity and initiate proceedings against reported unknown persons.