N1 learns: Schmidt to impose technical changes to BiH Election Law on Wednesday

NEWS 27.07.202211:24 0 komentara

N1 learned from several diplomatic sources that the international community’s High Representative in BiH Christian Schmidt will impose technical changes to the BiH Election Law on Wednesday at 4:30 pm, while the other measures he intended to announce using the Bonn powers will remain pending.

At 1 pm, Wednesday, Schmidt plans to gather the leaders of political parties and announce that he is giving them six weeks to agree on changes to the Constitution of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) entity, otherwise, he will act and impose measures as foreseen in the draft decisions. These measures include the formation of the FBiH House of Peoples, and the 3 percent census.

N1 also learned that the key countries of the Peace Implementation Council and the High Representative took into account the displeasure of citizens and political parties due to the announcement of the decisions he intended to announce and therefore it was decided to prolong the adoption of the package of measures concerning the FBiH Constitution. In the meantime, the politicians should be allowed to try to reach a solution within six weeks and thus avoid the imposition of changes regarding this issue.