Power cuts in Srebrenica, Bratunac, parts of Lopare, roads blocked due to snow

NEWS 12.12.202117:58 0 komentara
Srebrenica (SRNA)

The snow that is falling intensively has caused breakdowns in the electricity grid, so the municipalities of Srebrenica and Bratunac are without electricity, which has led to the interruption of telephone and internet traffic as well on Sunday.

The height of snow in Srebrenica is about 20 centimetres, and in the mountainous parts of this municipality, it exceeds half a metre. All local roads are impassable, said Adim Mehmedovic from the municipal Civil Protection Headquarters, RTRS reports. The only passable regional road is the Bratunac-Srebrenica-Skelani route, which also has traffic issues due to trampled snow.

“The municipalities of Srebrenica and Bratunac are without electricity as there is no supply to the 110 kw transmission line from Krupanj which is a backup power supply from Serbia. The 110 kW Potocari power transmission plant from BiH, which is powered from Ugljevik, and which powers all other substations is also out of power. All repair teams of these two work units are on the field fixing the problem and enabling the supply of electricity to as many consumers as possible in the area of these two municipalities,” Elektroprivreda electric company stated.
Lopar residents are also having problems with electricity, especially in rural parts of the municipality.

The traffic is hampered on regional and local roads in the municipality of Lopare, clearing teams have been sent to the field, and regional roads and the main road are maintained by “Bijeljina put,” SRNA agency reports.

The water supply of the Lopare settlement is in order. The trees, which fell on the roads due to heavy snow, are being removed by members of the Lopare Fire Brigade.