Prosecutors file war crimes indictment against former top official in Vlasenica

NEWS 27.12.202111:34 0 komentara

Prosecutors filed an indictment against Milenko Stanic who is charged with participating in war crimes, including murders, illegal imprisonment, rape, torture, kidnappings and other crimes during the persecution of Bosniaks in the eastern town of Vlasenica between April 1992 and March 1993.

As the former head of the Crisis Staff of Vlasenica, Stanic allegedly participated in crimes committed in the villages of Drum, Gradina, Dzamdzici and Alihodzici, which resulted in killings of Bosniak civilians and the destruction of their property, while many were taken to the Susica prison camp in Vlasenica.

He is also charged with the crimes of illegal detention, murder, torture, ill-treatment, rape and sexual abuse of detainees in the Susica camp, as well as the destruction and demolition of the Hajrija Mosque in Vlasenica, a historical and religious monument.