Reactions to OHR’s plans to amend BiH Election Law are not subsiding

NEWS 21.07.202212:35 1 komentar

After N1 exclusively published what several high-level sources confirmed to be High Representative Christian Schmidt’s plans for amendments to BiH Election Law and regulations on the functioning of Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH) entity, condemnations from pro-Bosnian parties and other political and social actors are not subsiding.

The Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) candidate for the BiH Presidency Denis Becirovic held a press conference at which he urged for the prevention of implementation of the High Representative’s planned decision.

“The High Representative in BiH’s intention to bring anti-European solutions to the Election Law of BiH and very likely to the Constitution of the FBiH entity in such a way that by ignoring the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, it introduces new forms of discrimination, I consider being irresponsible with far-reaching negative consequences. Instead of helping to make Bosnia a state of citizens with equal rights at every step of the way, the High Representative would continue the process of territorial and ethnic cementing that began with the aggression against the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The ‘trading’ of percentages of people's representation is particularly surprising, as if these were not living people, [trading] with their human and other rights, different destinies and hopes that they will live in a state governed by European standards,” Becirovic said and stressed:

“The adoption of this decision must be stopped. Reason and European values must prevail. The consequences can be unfathomable and we all have to face them together. The future of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina is not in ethnic and territorial divisions, but in building a democratic, European and civil BiH.”

OHR’s decision would require people’s response

“The very OHR’s hint that it is preparing the most serious decision since the existence of this institution, which can significantly determine not only the election result but also the character of the state and society, without any public and parliamentary debate, requires a response of the greatest possible number of people,” former SDP leader Zlatko Lagumdzija wrote.

“From the conversations I had with several of the key actors from our political scene, who spoke with the OHR, I realized that they also did not have answers to the key questions I asked them. That worried me far more than the media headlines, which alone were enough to warrant caution. It would be funny if it weren't for the tragic argument from the OHR that they are in a hurry with these decisions in order to implement the election results by December because then they could get the candidate status for the EU. As if they are telling us that we should agree to break up the state and society so that we can get the same status that Turkey got 23 years ago, and North Macedonia 18 years ago,” Lagumdzija added.

Those who think this will be the end of the country, don’t know Bosnia at all

Azra Zornic, the appellant before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, who won the case against Bosnia and Herzegovina, and psychologist Bojan Sosic, published an open letter in which they comment on possible changes to the Election Law that are being announced.

“It is incomprehensible how easily the actors we classify in such a vague category under the rather empty name “international community” ignore the rich past of Bosnia and Herzegovina and everything that marked its identity in the past millennium. All those who think that citizens do not know how to read between the lines of the scantily published announcements are greatly mistaken. You did not make attempts at reconciliation with the Nazis and fascists after the Second World War throughout Europe; those countries were led towards serious catharsis and re-examination of their own past and the role of their structures. And by tolerating the pathology that fell on Bosnia in the 1990s, forcing us to build a dialogue with those who did not give up their genocidal and criminal policies, they only encouraged various Breiviks, Tarrants and other sick people in their homes,” Zornic and Sosic rote.

“But even if after all the non-transparent moves, anyone finally takes the side of criminal, political and merciless exploitation of Bosnia and the most valuable thing it has – the honest and hard-working people, ready to fit into all the systems claiming to uphold ‘European values’, they must know that some things will not go without resistance. And those who think that accepting this idea will end Bosnia, do not understand it at all.”

Do not underestimate the wrath of the humiliated

Democratic Front’s (DF) delegate in BiH Parliament Zlatan Begic asked the High Representative not to engage in further discrimination.

“You and your predecessors – not only did you not ensure the rule of law in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the necessary reforms in accordance with the law in force and the judgments of the European Court in order to, at least partially, end the existing apartheid, but you also tolerated the rampage of the advocates of large-state policies and concepts of their implementation, now you are trying to impose solutions that represent a gross deepening of that apartheid. Mr High Representative, is this severe apartheid not enough, so you would expand it, violating the European Convention [on Human Rights], the judgments of the European Court and other laws in force,” Begic asked.

“Today we are fighting for democracy and democratic values, and for the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and you should know that we will continue to fight, both before the courts, and in the institutions, and on the street, and – if necessary, around and in the OHR building. Please do not underestimate the wrath of the humiliated,” he concluded.