Sarajevo police sends aid to Croatian colleagues in Glina and Petrinja


Residents of earthquake-hit areas in Croatia need all the help they can get. Bosnia also sent its help. Sarajevo Police Association “Stari Grad First Police Brigade” made a donation for their colleagues in Croatia.

The humanitarian aid operation symbolically called “Police to Police” was initiated by the Association from Sarajevo's Stari Grad Municipality whose members decided to collect aid for their colleagues from the two worst-affected cities by the recent quake – Glina and Petrinja.

“With the help of a number of businesses, without singling out anyone, we managed to collect a respectable amount of humanitarian aid. Around four tons of food and chemical supplies,” Dragan Mirkovic, a member of the Stari Grad Police Brigade said.

The brotherhood among police from the region was never questioned, Sarajevo police said. Most of the Association members are retired but they all say, once a cop always a cop.

“We have this unwritten rule of friendship. Simply put, when the disaster struck Croatia, we immediately decided to help our colleagues whom we've never met. I wish for all Croatian citizens and especially the residents of Glina and Petrinja to never go through this again,” Enes Bezdrob from the Police Association said.

“This is the type of situation when one must act quickly and our donation is a small sign of solidarity with our Croatian colleagues,” the Association said.

“They are in trouble through no fault of their own. Its chaos over there. The least we could do is help them,” Darko Coric from the Association told N1.

The Directorate for the Coordination of Police Bodies of BiH voluntarily made available its members and four vans, which will head to Glina and Petrinja on Friday morning together with members of the Association and hand over the donation to police stations in these Croatian cities.