Schmidt says he respects Croatia president institution, won't reply to Milanovic

NEWS 18.08.202313:11 0 komentara

High Representative to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Christian Schmidt, has said that he respects the institution of the President of the Republic of Croatia and therefore he does not want to respond to Zoran Milanovic's comments on him, although the Croatian president's statements seems confusing to him.

Milanovic has already criticised the international community's High Representative to Bosnia and Herzegovina, for not making use of his powers to see to it that Bosnia and Herzegovina electoral law is amended in order to prevent the outvoting of the Croats, the least numerous constitutional people in the country.

During his recent visit to Siroki Brijeg, in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Milanovic expressed an expectation that the High Representative Schmidt will prevent the continuation of the outvoting of Croats to stop the re-election of Croat BiH Presidency member Zeljko Komsic, elected four times predominantly with Bosniak votes.

Milanovic says Bosnia peace envoy uses his powers to protect himself not Croats

“As long as the High Representative is able to change the laws of this country to have indictments issued against individual people but does not have the time to change the election law… to prevent others from electing Croats’ representatives, I will not believe in such justice,” the president said.

In response to this, Schmidt has told the Voice of America that presidents of European Union member-states or other countries deserve respect.

However, I cannot say that same applies for every opinion I read. Mlanovic's statement is more confusing than logical, Schmidt was quoted by the VoA as saying on Thursday.

I won't comment on such statements by Milanovic out of respect, the German diplomat said.