Skopje-Sarajevo direct airline begins operation thanks to Aegean Airlines

NEWS 03.10.202310:57 0 komentara

The TAV Airports organized a celebration for the first passengers of the new Skopje-Sarajevo route on Monday evening, which was established by AEGEAN Airlines, the leading Greek airline and member of the STAR ALLIANCE, at Skopje International Airport. With the first flight from Skopje International Airport, AEGEAN has established a route between the two capitals in an ATR72-600 aircraft, with three flights per week. Passengers will fly from Skopje to Sarajevo every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Pročitaj više

“We are glad that AEGEAN is increasing its presence on our market, with a new destination from Skopje in addition to Athens, that is, Sarajevo. AEGEAN will fly three times a week from Skopje to Sarajevo and, thanks to the good connection with the existing Athens-Skopje line, ensure a smooth travel experience in the Balkans,” said Nejat Kurt, General Manager of TAV Macedonia.

Roland Jaggi, the director of operations headquarters of AEGEAN, said that they are happy to celebrate with the first passengers and selected travel agencies the launch of a new line from Skopje to Sarajevo.

“With this new line, which we sincerely hope will become one of the favourites among passengers, we aim to increase connectivity and expand our presence in the Balkans. Through our high-quality services, we want to promote interstate mobility, and tourism and strengthen trade relations, not only between the two countries but also with Greece. We will continue to develop our network and offer new opportunities for connecting in the region and, of course, we look forward to seeing you soon on one of our flights,” he noted.

Alan Bajic, the director of the Sarajevo International Airport, said that they were very pleased to welcome the first Aegean flight from Skopje, which landed Monday night.

“We are especially pleased by the fact that the launch of this line is the result of a joint and very successful cooperation between the two airports TAV Macedonia Skopje, Sarajevo International Airport and AEGEAN, the Greek airline. We are happy that AEGEAN recognized the importance and potential of establishing this airline, as an excellent form of improving communication and strengthening cooperation in the field of economy and tourism between North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am convinced that the cooperation between the AEGEAN and Sarajevo International Airport will be long and successful,” said Bajic.

Until the end of October, the departure time from Skopje Airport will be at 7 pm, with arrival at Sarajevo Airport at 8:10 pm, and the departure time from Sarajevo Airport will be at 850 pm, with arrival at Skopje Airport. at 950 pm. A similar schedule will be offered during the winter of 23/24.