Srebrenica Assembly to discuss renaming streets: “Marshal Tito Street” could become “Republika Srpska Street”

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The Assembly of Srebrenica will be discussing what many would call a controversial proposal, renaming the streets in the eastern BiH town. One of these proposals is to change the name of the “Marshal Tito Street” to “Republika Srpska Street”. Bosniak members of the Assembly left the session before the vote, after which 14 members of the Assembly voted in favour of this item being on the agenda.

According to the proposal, the “Mihajlo Bjelakovic Square” would be renamed the “Republika Srpska Square”, the “Srebrenica City Park” would be renamed the “Park of Major Kosta Todorovic” and the “Reuf Selmanagic Crni Street” would be renamed to the “Dubrovacka street”.

In a statement to the media, Mayor Mladen Grujicic said that the proposal was voted into the agenda without Bosniak Assembly members who did not participate “due to pressure and boycott”.

It is very likely that the decision to change the street names will be adopted because the Serb members have a majority in the Assembly.

There are about twenty streets in Srebrenica. Most of them got their names in the mid-20th century and they remained that way until 1996, when the decision of the Municipal Assembly made up of Serb members changed all these names. However, according to a 2002 decision of the new majority at the time, which included Bosniaks, the old street names were returned.

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