VW ‘Beetle’ made of boxwood took 12 years to grow, Bosnian man says

screenshot / youtube

Slavko Sakic featured on Srecko Stipovic’s YouTube channel dedicated to "ordinary people with unusual occupations," showcasing his 12-year masterpiece in the shape of a Volkswagen ‘Beetle’ made entirely out of boxwood which he grows in his garden in Vitez, central Bosnia.

The idea was not as straightforward as it seems, Sakic said. He was previously the proud owner of a real “Beetle,” whose exact dimensions he transferred to this boxwood masterpiece. Growing and shaping his work of art he encountered the disbelief of many who peeked in to check if the real vehicle is standing underneath the bush.

Stipovic, who visited Slavko, noticed that his “Volkswagen” is the only one to run entirely on water.

To make things more interesting, Slavko is also starting to make a Beetle convertible, which will even have seats and a steering wheel made of boxwood. Jokingly, he says he would sell the Beetle – only if the right buyer came along.