Western officials praise US sanctions against Dodik

NEWS 06.01.2022 09:30
Milorad Dodik (REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

Western officials continued praising Wednesday’s sanctions against the Bosnian Serb Presidency member Milorad Dodik and the Alternativna TV which is brought in connection with Dodik, saying that undermining democracy and stability of the country must not go unpunished.

“This is the right call from the Biden admin – particularly sanctions on Milorad Dodik for corruption & undermining stability in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The U.S. has spent decades promoting peace in Bosnia – we cannot allow malign actors to rob the future from younger generations,” US Senator Jeanne Shaheen tweeted.

Deputy Czech Foreign Minister Martin Dvorak tweeted he has a big problem with what is happening in Bosnia, with the support of Organ and Hungary.

“We need to take distanced position towards regimes violating principles of democracy and human rights, which is happening in Hungary,” he tweeted, adding, “when we see what is happening in Bosnia now with great support of Viktor Orbán… I have a big problem with that for myself.”

Katalin Cseh, a Hungarian MEP, said that Orban is a Trojan horse in the EU and the union’s security threat.

“US slaps sanctions on Bosnian Serb nationalist Milorad Dodik for destabilizing BiH— and the EU should do just the same. But ally Viktor Orbán already vowed to veto EU sanctions. Having an autocratic Trojan horse in the EU has grown into a security threat,” she wrote.

Another Euro-parliamentarian, Thijs Reuten from the Netherlands also praised the sanctions, calling on the EU to do the same.

“EU needs to follow the US steps regarding sanctions against Dodik cs. swiftly and decisively. And the EU needs to do more to preserve stability in the region,” he tweeted.

Also from the Netherlands, MEP Tineke Strik urged the EU not ti prolong the introduction against Dodik and called for the blockade of his assets.

“The US believe Dodik's recent actions are undermining peace in the Western Balkan and therefore renewed sanctions; blocking all of his assets. The EU cannot stay behind and should immediately follow this important step,” Strik tweeted.






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