Azem Vllasi to N1: There is no danger of 1990s repeating either in BiH or Kosovo

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Azem Vllasi, political consultant and lawyer, former Yugoslav era state official, strongly denied allegations by Serbian state authorities about Milan Radoicic, who admitted involvement in latest armed clash in Kosovo, purchasing weapon from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Those are fairy tales, and they were made up in military-intelligence service,” Vllasi told N1. He also said that Belgrade-Pristina talks are in a deadlock and that Serbia is to blame for that. As for the situation in Bosnia and Kosovo, he deems that there is no danger of the 1990s happening all over again. Pročitaj više

Speaking in N1's Pressing show, Vllasi said that it was Radoicic who “terrorised the Serbs in Kosovo” paying them large sums of money to set on fire the Serbs’ cars with Kosovo license plates.

As for the allegations about Radoicic acquiring weapon, ammunition and explosive in Tuzla, he said that this needs to be proved first and that he cannot comment on it, calling it a “nonsense.”

“There is no dilemma that the weapon is a part of military arsenal. If they really acquired it from Bosnia and Herzegovina, why did not they do it in Bijeljina or Zvornik? Those lies were packed in the military-intelligence service,” according to Vllasi.

Armed clashes broke out last weekend between a group of Serbs, led by former deputy leader of the Belgrade-backed Serb List Milan Radoicic, and the Kosovo Police in the Banjska village in northern Kosovo. One Kosovo police officer and three Serbs were killed.

Serbian Criminal Police Directorate officers apprehended Radoicic and raided his apartment and other properties on Tuesday, followed by interrogation at the Higher Public Prosecution in Belgrade, where he denied the crimes he is accused of.

According to the statement, Radoicic was questioned on suspicion of having committed the crimes of conspiring to commit crimes, illegal possession and trafficking of firearms and explosives and endangering the public.

“The suspect denied committing the crimes that he is being charged with,” the Prosecution said adding that it asked a Higher Court judge to detain him because he poses a flight risk.

According to the investigation order, Radoicic is being charged with acquiring weapons, ammunition and explosives from Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina which were delivered to him just outside Belgrade and then transported to Kosovo to be hidden in abandoned buildings. He is also suspected of heading a group of men who endangered lives in Banjska, the Prosecution press release said. Radoicic is being investigated along with a number of unidentified people.

Bosnian authorities responded announcing the investigation into the allegations.

Authorities in Bosnia to look into allegations about Radoicic acquiring weapon in BiH

Commenting on the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vllasi said that the events like the recent one in Banjska, Kosovo are also possible in BiH but that there is no danger that the 1990s will repeat either in BiH or Kosovo.

He deems it is clear that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic took the side of Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik, and is being hypocritical towards Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As for Dodik's relations with Hungary's prime minister Viktor Orban and President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Vllasi said that Orban is having his own interests but will not “die for Republika Srpska.” On the other hand, Dodik cannot step out of his relationship with Putin.

“Dodik clearly took the side of Russia and he cannot be the American player (like some claim he is). The Serbs are also slowly realising that Dodik is harming them, it is clear to them that Bosnia and Herzegovina is their fate. They love their entity, Russia, but they know that BiH is their historical and life destiny,” he stressed.

Dodik: Hungary ready to take over projects in RS that Germany cancelled

Speaking about the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, Vllasi said that the talks have come to a deadlock after the Banjska incident and that Belgrade is to blame for that.

According to him, there was a goal to merge the north of Kosovo to Serbia but he denied allegations about this armed clash being an introduction into a war.

“A war is a broad term. Serbia has no option to start a war and it would be very unpleasant for them,” he stressed.

Vllasi deems that chances for Serbia to rule in Kosovo again is equal to that of the Ottoman rule returning to this region.

“They wished to secede the north of Kosovo just like they would like to do with Republika Srpska (a Serb-majority region) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They never gave up on those dreams, and Vucic constantly boasting with getting armed is a threat to neighbours. They do not know peace, but thank God they have no option to wage war. Vucic did not count on this operation to fail and jeopardising his position in the West,” said Vllasi.

There will be no more divisions in the Balkans, retailoring or setting up new borders neither in Kosovo nor in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he underlined.