BiH Foreign Minister confirms EU officials discussing helping only FBiH, leaving RS out

NEWS 13.09.202316:48 0 komentara

Bosnia’s Foreign Minister Elmedin Konakovic presented the details of his talks with European officials, Wednesday, saying that in one of them they discussed a particularly "controversial" topic, considering that some of the EU officials are "thinking about how to support only the Federation (FBiH) entity in the future, if the Republika Srpska (RS) continues on the present course". Pročitaj više

“In Strasbourg and Brussels, they are talking about opportunities, developments, but also threats. The latest developments in the RS are something that worries European officials. If there was no such thing, everything would go much faster”, he said, adding that “a large number of friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina are lobbying for us to position BiH well in the new environment.”

Therefore, he appealed to all entrepreneurs in the country to pressure the officials in order to make the most of the opportunity, because there is talk of accelerated opening and access to the European market, which would bring numerous benefits.

“BiH has the opportunity to jump on the ‘European train’ like never before. Let the citizens put as much pressure on the politicians as possible,” Konakovic stated.

“Some officials in Europe are thinking about ways to support only the FBiH entity in the future, which is a controversial topic, but if the authorities in the RS continue on this path, I think they will force some serious officials on the European stage to do just this,” Konakovic said, adding that the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, will soon visit the Western Balkans with the latest information on the ‘largest ever support package for the Western Balkans’, from which BiH could drop out.

Furthermore, he added that precisely this behaviour of the top of the RS strengthens the position of the foreign mediator in BiH.

“For example, it’s unacceptable for [RS President Milorad] Dodik to say – I don't recognize the court's decisions. This is where we run into a serious problem, we are in a pre-conflict situation,” Konakovic stressed.

Therefore, foreigners will remain in Bosnia and Herzegovina – and EUFOR forces will be additionally strengthened, Konakovic concluded.