BiH's RS entity VP on proposal to rename streets in Srebrenica: “It's part of a policy that aims to eliminate Bosniaks from the town”

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The Vice President of BiH’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity, Camil Durakovic, said that the initiative to rename streets in Srebrenica is only the latest in a series of decisions that were made to "eliminate Bosniaks from" from the eastern BiH town. Pročitaj više

The Municipal Assembly of Srebrenica is expected to discuss a proposal to change the names of the streets in the city. One of the proposed changes is renaming the “Marshal Tito Street” into the “Republika Srpska Street”. Bosniak Assembly members left the session before the rest of the councillors voted to include the proposal in the agenda.

“The streets are being renamed by the majority who think that Srebrenica is only a Serb town, which is not correct”, Durakovic told the Fena news agency.

Durakovic stressed that it is unacceptable for Bosniaks to change the names of streets which, according to the adopted proposal, would be named after persons “who were direct participants in certain activities and crimes in Srebrenica during the war”.

He said that this reflects the policy of Srebrenica mayor Mladen Grujicic since 2016.

“A series of decisions that were made in the past aimed first to eliminate Bosniaks from the local government and that unfortunately happened in 2020 with the removal of me from the position of the President of the Assembly and the expulsion of the majority of Bosniak councillors from that majority in the Assembly and bringing (Salko) Tursunovic to the head of the Assembly”, Durakovic said.

He stressed that this led to Bosniaks being left without no mechanism to stop or block certain decisions.

“That is why we ended up in this situation where this final activity is being carried out, which aims to eliminate Bosniaks from this city. And unfortunately, everyone watches it silently”, he said, adding that Bosniaks in the town appealed to the Office of the High Representative, foreign embassies and “anyone who could have an influence”.

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