Candidates declare victories in Bosnia's snap elections for six mayors

NEWS 05.02.2023 22:14

Hours before the Central Election Commission was expected to present first preliminary results of the snap elections in six Bosnia's local communities, candidates for the mayoral posts at each location declared their victories.

Dino Konakovic, the leader of the People and Justice party (NiP) said the candidates representing the Three coalition won in Tuzla and Srebrenik, while the candidate in Bihac has a significant lead.

“A victory in Srebrenik. A great victory. Convincing lead in Bihac, victory in Tuzla,” Konakovic tweeted.

Elvedin Sedic, candidate of the POMAK movement for the mayor of Bihac, declared the victory, thanking his family but also the NiP party for the support.

SDP's Zijad Lugavic, who ran for the mayor of Tuzla, thanked the citizens and announced the immediate start of what has been promised during the campaign.

The coalition's candidate in Srebrenik was Adnan Bjelic.

SNSD party also declared victories of its two candidates – Lazar Prodanovic in Bratunac and Bojan Ivanovic in Zvornik.

SNSD leader Milorad Dodik said this was “yet another great victory of the SNSD.”

SDA's candidate Migdad Hasanovic declared victory in Vogosca.

“We expect the citizens of Sarajevo Canton to be our partners, that we serve them,” he said in a brief statement.

According to the Central Election Commission, Tuzla saw the lowest turnout – 23.14 percent of eligible voters cast their ballots, while in Bratunac it was the highest – 47.69 percent, followed by Srebrenik (33.57%), Bihac (30.93%), Vogosca (30.47%) and Zvornik 29.10%).

There was one incident reported during the day, when an observer and member of election board at one of the polling stations in Bihac physically confronted each other, causing a 25-minute interruption of the election process. After the police intervention, the election board member was replaced.

The Commission also recorded two minor irregularities in Bratunac.


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