Dodik repeats controversial comments targeting election authority official

NEWS 24.01.2021 15:31

Bosnia’s Presidency Chairman, Milorad Dodik, repeated his criticism of a member of the Central Election Commission (CEC), Vanja Bjelica-Prutina, arguing that the way she voted on annulling the local election results in Srebrenica and Doboj could be a consequence of her previous marriage to a Muslim Bosniak.

The CEC decided to annul the results of the November 2020 local election for 26 out of 28 polling stations in Srebrenica as well as 89 out of a total of 108 polling stations in Doboj due to irregularities in the voting process.


The institution discussed allegations of numerous irregularities regarding the voting process and determined that people without valid BiH documents were allowed to vote. Dozens of such cases were reported at several polling stations.

Graphologists also found numerous irregularities when it comes to voter signatures.

Among those who voted for annulling the elections was Vanja Bjelica-Prutina, from Bosnia’s Serb-majority Republika Srpska (RS) entity.

As he spoke to media following a meeting of the leadership of his Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) on Sunday, Dodik hinted that Bjelica-Prutina’s loyalty to the Bosniak cause is visible by the fact that she never changed her last name after she divorced her husband.

Dodik rejected accusations that his comments were “chauvinistic” and reiterated that the Serbs have to be more careful when they choose their people for public office, adding that even some judges who had mixed marriages were appointed and passed unjust rulings.


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