Electricity prices in Bosnia’s RS entity rising for those who spend more 

NEWS 01.12.202210:33 0 komentara

Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity Energy Regulatory Commission green-lighted the draft document that foresees the introduction of block tariffs for household electricity consumption.  Pročitaj više

The document stipulates that households will be charged the first and the cheapest tariff for the first 500 kilowatts of electricity they spend. Consumption ranging from 501 to 1,500 kilowatts will be charged at the second, and from 1,501 kilowatts up will be charged according to the third and the most expensive tariff grade.

The Head of the Commission, Vladislav Vladicic, said that the document has been adopted and is going to be published in the “Official Gazette,” after which it will enter into force.

The introduction of block tariffs is defined by the proposal of the Tariff System for the sale of electricity and use of the distribution network, which was adopted Wednesday at the Commission session.

He added that households that consume between 400 and 500 kilowatts of electricity will have slightly lower electricity bills, and those that consume over 1,000 kilowatts will have somewhat higher electricity bills.