FBiH Prime Minister satisfied with European Commission report on BiH

Godišnjica smrti policajaca

The Prime Minister of Bosnia’s Federation (FBiH) entity and Leader of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) of BiH, Nermin Niksic, said that the European Commission's Report on BiH for 2023 is correct "on the policy of compromise and discussion, contrary to the policy of populism that dominates the BiH political scene."

Bosnia and Herzegovina has been floundering for the past eight years when it comes to reforms on the way to the EU, he said.

“When we took over the government in May, we knew we had a difficult job ahead of us, but we were determined to work. The result is part of the adopted European laws in the FBiH and state parliaments and the best report of the European Commission on the progress of BiH so far. This is a sufficient indicator of the work done in these six months and is an excellent basis for a positive decision on the opening of negotiations in December,” Niksic pointed out in a comment published on social networks.

He stressed that years of neglected reforms cannot be implemented in a few months, but progress can be made, which he believes they have done.

“No, the process must be fully completed and we are aware of that. The position of the European Commission is just an additional incentive. I consider the report of the European Commission to be realistic because it is based on what has been done, which is the best option for Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Niksic wrote, among other things.