Head of BiH Election Commission: Election fraud in Srebrenica, Doboj, Mostar

NEWS 28.01.202119:45 0 komentara

Zeljko Bakalar, the President of Bosnia's Central Election Commission (CEC) told N1 Thursday he was surprised by the reactions to the Court decision to repeat the local elections in Srebrenica and Doboj where the election watchdog found evidence of election fraud. According to him, the Court decision only confirmed that they were right to call for repeat elections.

“The court upheld the CEC's decisions. It turns out we were right. We proved that there were 50 people with expired identification documents. We requested the data from IDDEEA (State Identification Document Agency), they exercised the right to vote, and yet they didn't have the right documents. If the document expired – they don't have the right to vote, and yet the Polling Board gave them the right to vote,” Bakalar said.

He added that the Commission is determined to introduce additional monitoring and to monitor all the staff at every Srebrenica polling station because they all had some kind of irregularity. Bakalar also pointed out they will elect new polling boards.
Speaking about the local elections in Mostar, the President of the election watchdog said they acted in accordance with the law, but that numerous objections were unfounded, and that it was not possible to annul the elections in that south-Bosnian city.

“We've uncovered the scale of election fraud in 14 polling stations. That caused a revolution. We counted the ballots again and certain votes were added to some individuals. With two men were added additional votes. One man received a record of 1,600 votes that were added after the election, and the other received close to 1,000 such votes,” he said.
In his opinion, the Prosecution will have their hands full when it comes to the Mostar local election, adding that the Commission will provide them with all the evidence they have.

Bakalar also added that many political leaders accused the CEC of fraud, of stealing the votes.

“The leader of one party said that his party was deprived of 2,000 votes, and yet we received no complaint or request for a recount. We have no indication of where to open the ballot bag. Without a specific request – we cannot act,” he concluded.