High Rep Schmidt to meet EP's committee on January 24

NEWS 18.01.2023 18:14
Source: F.Z./N1

Christian Schmidt, the international community's peace envoy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is set to meet the members of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) on January 24 to discuss the situation in the country and its EU path.

According to the Committee's official Twitter account, the talks will focus on the EU reform path, following the candidate status that Bosnia and Herzegovina was officially granted in late December.

David McAllister, the Committee Chair, said on this occasion that “genuine reconciliation and democratic transition are key to sustainable progress.”

A group of MEPs earlier asked that Schmidt explains to the Committee his decision to impose changes to Bosnia's electoral legislation on the election day, October 2, which they assessed as “undemocratic measure.”

The initiative was launched by MEP Tineke Strik and Bundestag member Boris Mijatovic, but got support of 26 other members of the European, German, Dutch and French parliaments.

Schmidt's attendance in the Committee's meeting has been confirmed and then postponed on several occasions.


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