HSS supports Milanovic, opposes Sweden's and Finland's NATO entry

NEWS 19.05.202213:31

The Croatian Peasant Party (HSS) stated on Thursday that it backed President Zoran Milanovic's advocacy of making the admission of Finland and Sweden to NATO conditional on amending the electoral law in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Krešo Beljak, leader of this opposition party, said in a statement that the party's presidency supported President Milanovic's position on the topic of the two Nordic countries’ NATO membership.

The HSS recalls that its sister party in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the HSS BiH, also supported Milanovic.

On 16 May, HSS BiH leader Mario Karamatic said in a Facebook post that he can see “the point, interest and advantage” in what Milanovic is doing and asked that he continue doing so.

“Mr President, please do not abandon us like many others who have done so for whatever reason,” Karamatic wrote in his post.

HSS in favour of right to abortion

Concerning the issue of abortion, the HSS Croatia says that it fully supports women's right to choose and that it is against any initiatives that would usher in a legal ban on abortion.

Beljak also said that his party advocates the introduction of mandatory sex education in schools.