Intl peace envoy urges citizens to vote: Endless political blockades must end

NEWS 01.10.202217:26 0 komentara

International peace envoy in Bosnia and Herzegovina Christian Schmidt called on the citizens to use their democratic right and take “active participation in setting this country's course for the next four years,” by voting in the general election taking place on Sunday. Pročitaj više

Schmidt joined the ambassadors of the USA and the European Union, who conveyed messages to the Bosnians, urging them to get out and vote.

“Some people say that nothing ever changes and that politics are staying still. Indeed, there are many issues piling up, waiting for your political representatives to roll up their sleeves and fix them. But life never stands still. We have seen, with the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the rising inflation and the emerging energy crisis, there are always new challenges, and your institutions must be capable of responding to them. Otherwise, your children will respond by leaving this country,” said Schmidt, the international community's High Representative in charge of overseeing the implementation of the peace process in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This is why, Schmidt stressed, the citizens must take part in tomorrow's decision, which is their civic duty.

“You must choose representatives who will work for you and your children, for your prosperity in this beautiful country. Endless political blockades must end. There can be no more technical governments. And institutions must work to finally eradicate discrimination from this country’s electoral system. This starts tomorrow with your civic duty at the polling stations and continues with the swift formation of authorities based on the election results. My office shall be monitoring this process and I will intervene if necessary to make sure your will as voters is respected,” he stressed and concluded.

“Let us return Bosnia and Herzegovina to the path of prosperity, one that its citizens deserve.”