Parts of Banja Luka hospital lose heating 

NEWS 30.11.2022 12:05
Source: N1

The University Clinical Center of Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity (UKC RS) announced Wednesday that their facilities, which are located at the Paprikovac site, have lost heating due to a boiler room malfunction. 

“After registering this technical failure, all necessary activities were taken to eliminate it as soon as possible. It is important to emphasize that we strive to bridge the period until the final elimination of the malfunction in the best possible way by using alternative ways of heating patient rooms, clinics and other rooms of all organizational units in our institution. This is a long-standing problem of outdated boilers, and for several years efforts have been made to publish an international tender for the reconstruction, extension/construction, and equipping of the Technical and Economic Block building, which will result in the signing of the contract with the selected contractor on Monday, December 5, 2022. years. This problem was identified a long time ago, but due to the extremely complex harmonization of the tender documentation in accordance with European standards, the implementation of this project could not start until now,” the UKC RS said.


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