Republika Srpska opposition gathers for second protest over election results

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Citizens from the Bosnian entity of Republika Srpska (RS) gathered at the second mass protest rally in Banja Luka, at 6 pm Sunday, demanding the truth over the election results of Jelena Trivic, who ran for RS President office against Milorad Dodik, the leader of the ruling Alliance of Independent Social Democrats who is now in the lead, according to Central Election Commission’s preliminary results.

The protesters say they came to Banja Luka to defend the will of the people and raise their voices against the alleged election fraud conducted by the ruling party in the late hours of election night.

The gathering began in the Mladen Stojanovic Park, from where they will peacefully march to Krajina Square, where they will be addressed by representatives of the opposition and Jelena Trivic.

The Party of Democratic Progress’ Trivic briefly told N1 “No giving up, no giving up!”

She also briefly addressed the gathered citizens, saying:

“Thank you all for coming, thank you for persevering with us. We have to fight for our future, for the future of our children. What you are saying is the greatest message.”

Branislav Borenovic, the leader of the PDP, also reiterated allegations of election fraud stressing that they will use all legal and democratic means to prove that Trivic won.

One of the protesters told N1 he came from Teslic to fight for justice and truth, “which this people has lacked for a long time. I was there the last time and my message is ‘Milokrad Dodik, it’s time to step down, it’s been enough stealing,” he said.

The protests are organized by the Serb Democratic Party (SDS), PDP and “For Justice and Order” by Nebojsa Vukanovic.


(Milokrad is a pun made out of Dodik’s first name “Milorad” by adding a letter “k” in the middle giving it the meaning of ‘the one who gladly steals’. Milo – glad, krade – stealing)

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