Russia's Embassy: High Rep's decision on BiH election law made under pressure

NEWS 28.07.202219:42 0 komentara
Igor Kalabuhov za N1

Russia’s Embassy in Bosnia said that the decision of High Representative, Christian Schmidt, to impose technical changes to the BiH Election Law was made under external pressure and that it was detrimental to Bosnia’s sovereignty.

“We have always assumed that the use of extraordinary powers is harmful and counterproductive. And it is even more serious when it comes to changes in the legislation – no High Representative has the right to impose such changes in terms of the Bonn powers themselves”, the Russian Embassy said.


The Embassy repeated Russia’s position that it does not consider Schmidt a legitimate High Representative and that his activities are thus not legitimate either.

“The principled position of the Russian diplomatic mission is that any changes in BiH should be the result of a patient dialogue between the parties in BiH based on mutual respect, without radical rhetoric, and without any external influence,” it said.

Russia said Schmidt’s activities reflect “attempts of the West attempts to preserve its dominance.”

“In our opinion, a truly sovereign choice for BiH could be a consolidated agreement and request to close the Office of the High Representative. It is possible that such an approach could become the basis for reaching an agreement on all current issues of the functioning of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, said the Russian Embassy.