Anti-LGBT campaign in Banja Luka continues, DKC Incel facility was demolished

NEWS 20.03.202311:41 0 komentara

Hooligans opposing the LGBT movement in Banja Luka demolished the premises of DKC Incel in Banja Luka, which is used by the citizens' association from Banja Luka.

It is assumed that the attack occurred on Saturday before the attack on activists of the BiH pride march.

The Banjaluka Police Department announced that their police officers are taking all necessary measures and actions in order to shed light on the criminal offence of “Damage and confiscation of other people's property” and to discover the perpetrators.

The DKC Incel said that since 2013, they have been working on high-risk events, including those related to LGBTIQ.

The association's representative, Vesna Malesevic, said that she took refuge from Banja Luka, and she assumes that the attack happened before the hooligans attacked the activists.


“Hooligans destroyed the entrance. They broke the glass, and the led light, and barricaded the entrance door using construction material nearby. They left behind stickers with clear anti-LGBT messages. There are surveillance cameras on the building next door,” Malesevic told briefly to N1.

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