Bosnians ask for help of United States in solving political crisis

NEWS 01.11.2021 14:14

The US supports Bosnia and Herzegovina's sovereignty and territorial integrity, the US Embassy reiterated on Monday as a group of citizens gathered across the embassy's building expressing concern over political crisis in the country. Some of the demonstrators said the US is the only one that is capable of fixing the situation in BiH.

“We support freedom of expression and the right of citizens to gather peacefully. We take the opinion of BiH citizens seriously,” the embassy tweeted, although it was closed due to holidays.

“We also encourage leaders to work towards the stable and prosperous future unburdened by corruption that citizens deserve,” it added.

The Monday gathering took place a week after the same organisers held a protest in front of the Office of the High Representative, the international envoy who oversees the peace implementation following the 1992-95 conflict and whose mandate gives him power to dismiss officials and impose laws.

The citizens asked the envoy to take steps and protect Bosnia's constitutional order and prevent another conflict in BiH, expressing grave concern about secessionist rhetoric from Bosnia's Serb-majority region Republika Srpska.

The second gathering, in front of the US Embassy, came days after US special envoy Matthew Palmer visited the country to mediate talks on electoral reforms, which has been for some time a stumbling block in the relations among Bosnian political leaders and preventing the country's progress.

Some of the banners carried by the demonstrators were addressed directly to Palmer.

In response to the Monday protest, the embassy said the US commitment and policy towards BiH remains unwavering.

“The US supports BiH's sovereignty and territorial integrity and BiH as a multiethnic and democratic state. We continue to promote dialogue among leaders and to work with our partners to help BiH advance towards a Euro-Atlantic future,” added the embassy.

America can fix the political situation in BiH, while Europe is idly watching like it did during the 1990s, according to Esad Durakovic, the academician who joined the citizens in the gathering.

“The statehood is in jeopardy, constitutional order is being destructed,” Durakovic warned.

“I believe the US is the only power, the country and subject in the world that can rescue BiH without too much effort. It would be, so to say, a piece of cake for them,” he added.


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