High Rep in Bosnia: I am very optimistic about new Council of Ministers

NEWS 26.01.2023 10:53
Christian Schmidt (N1)

International peace envoy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, High Representative Christian Schmidt, said he was very optimistic with how the situation in the country is developing. The changes were made and they are linked to his decisions prior and after the October 2 elections, Schmidt told N1.

“We had to do what was necessary,” said Schmidt, referring to his decisions regarding the financing of elections and the one he passed on the election night, October 2, which sparked strong criticism, especially among EU lawmakers.

High Representative imposes decision to secure financing of elections in Bosnia


International peace envoy in Bosnia imposed Election Law changes on election day



As for the new government, officially the Council of Ministers, which was appointed on Wednesday, Schmidt said he expected the new ministers to meet adequate standards that refer to the country's EU candidate status.

“It is very important to give young generations the reasons to stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so that they do not have to leave to Europe,” he stressed.

Asked to comment last year's press conference when he lashed out and used the term “rubbish” in reference to work of the politicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Schmidt clarified that what he meant was the work or the lack of it “leads to rubbish.”

“I don't believe people change, what I do believe is they are able to see things and act reasonably,” he said, expressing hope that some processes in the country, such as law enforcement, will speed up.

“It is very clear, Europe needs this and that, you need to do this and that if you want to join the EU,” he added.

As for the work of new Council of Ministers, Schmidt said it would be great if only half of the plans outlined in the Council's programme of work is carried out.

“I would say they need some time and see what laws would be passed in the next six months. It takes a step by step approach in negotiations. I am optimistic about it,” Schmidt stressed.


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