Newly appointed BiH State Prosecutor to focus on war crimes and organized crime

NEWS 20.10.202213:22 0 komentara

Bosnia’s newly appointed state Chief Prosecutor Milanko Kajganic, addressed the media after his appointment on Thursday, where he said that his office will prosecute employees of state institutions who had had contact with persons wanted by the BiH judiciary and that his focus will be on solving war crimes cases and cases involving cryptic messaging apps. 

“No one is satisfied with the results, and yet we processed a significant number of war crimes cases. A third of the cases refer to persons unavailable to BiH law enforcement. We must find a way, together with the Mechanism of the International Tribunal and with the countries of the region with which we are in contact, to transfer part of the indictments from those cases to those countries because there is no chance that they will be prosecuted in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are over 300 war crimes cases against known perpetrators, and of that number, 1/3 are unavailable to the BiH judiciary,” says Kajganic.

 The Prosecutors’ work in the coming period will focus on cases concerning the decryption of encrypted messaging apps. 

Kajganic added that all the BiH institutions in charge of the fight against organized crime, have problems in their ranks with individuals who are in collusion with organized crime, and the aim of the work of the Prosecutor's Office of BiH is to identify and prosecute such in.  

He also commented on the report of the European Commission on the work of the judiciary in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

“We’ve read that report in detail and we are working on fulfilling our tasks as far as the Prosecutor's Office is concerned. We will do it. It's not all up to the Prosecutor's Office. My focus will be on the fact that we work together in this direction, if there are quality reports from police agencies, the Prosecutor's Office will prosecute the individuals from those cases,” the newly appointed Prosecutor concluded.