Milanko Kajganic is Bosnia’s new Chief Prosecutor

NEWS 20.10.202211:07 0 komentara
Milanko Kajganić
Milanko Kajganić (BIRN BiH)

Milanko Kajganic was elected as the Chief Prosecutor of the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on Thursday.

During the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC) session, 13 members of this body, which appoints and sanctions all judges and prosecutors in the country, vote. Of the total number of voters, 10 were in favour of his election, three abstained, and no one was against it.

Kajganic was the only candidate for this position and in previous years he served as acting chief state prosecutor.

It is important to note that Diana Kajmakovic's candidacy was compromised by her being placed on the US blacklist on the account of alleged corruption, and by the investigation carried out due to the appearance of her name in messages on the Sky app messaging platform used mostly by criminals in BiH. Prosecutor Miroslav Janjic gave up his candidacy, and Seid Marusic did not meet all the conditions.

As a prosecutor, Kajganic mainly dealt with cases of war crimes against the civilian Serbian population, so in today's presentation of his future activities as Chief Prosecutor he said that the focus of his work will be a revised state strategy for prosecuting war crimes cases and the formation of joint investigative teams that will work on cases of organized crime and corruption.