Pahor concerned about ideas of ‘redrawing of borders’, supports Bosnia's EU path

NEWS 12.04.202115:08 0 komentara

President Borut Pahor advocates territorial integrity, European perspective and peaceful development of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which he consistently emphasises, the Slovenian President's cabinet told N1, following the allegations that he brought up the topic of peaceful dissolution of BiH during his recent Sarajevo visit.

“President Pahor wants BiH to become a part of the European Union as soon as possible. He always emphasises the importance of the geopolitical approach to the European Union's enlargement that would also include Bosnia and Herzegovina, which currently has the weakest formal connection with the EU. President Pahor is regularly warning against the ideas about the fall of BiH and redrawing of borders in the Western Balkans. In that context, due to his concern over these ideas, he did ask his collocutors about this, all three members of Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency, during his Sarajevo visit in March,” Pahor's office told N1.

The statement comes hours after media published an interview with Croat member of Bosnia's tripartite Presidency Zeljko Komsic, who said their Slovenian counterpart asked the Presidency members if the peaceful dissolution of Bosnia and Herzegovina was possible.

Bosniak Presidency member Sefik Dzaferovic also confirmed this was a topic of the conversation.

“I said the process of dissolution of Yugoslavia is over. It is true that President Pahor asked if a peaceful dissolution of BiH is possible, to which Mr Komsic and I replied that those advocating such ideas are leading this country and the region in a new war. He agreed with that and added, which he also confirmed in the press conference, that a strategic decision on the accelerated path of the whole Western Balkans to the EU is very important for the peace and security of whole Europe, EU and Western Balkans,” Dzaferovic said.

Some media outlets also alleged that Slovenia's Prime Minister Janez Jansa handed over a non-paper document to European Council President Charles Michel, which allegedly reads that “finishing the fall of Yugoslavia” is one of the priorities.

Jansa dismissed such allegations, stressing that Slovenia is “seriously seeking for solutions towards the development of the region and the EU perspective of the Western Balkan countries” and that such claims are “trying to prevent such goals.”

The media headlines prompted Bosnia Presidency member Komsic to summon the Ambassador of Slovenia to BiH Zorica Bukinac for a meeting. She also denied the allegations, saying that the policy of the Republic of Slovenia towards BiH has not changed and that her country supports Bosnia's European path.