RS entity PM doesn't believe Bosniak parties in Srebrenica will boycott election


The Prime Minister of Bosnia’s Serb-majority Republika Srpska (RS) entity, Radovan Viskovic, said on Tuesday that he does not believe the Bosniak coalition ‘My Address: Srebrenica’ (Moja adresa: Srebrenica)' will truly boycott the upcoming repeated election in the eastern town.

“I am afraid that this is some new trick so that Serb parties fall asleep,” Viskovic said, speculating that the intention could be for the Bosniak coalition to suddenly invite its supporters to vote at some point in order to achieve a victory.


Bosnia’s Central Election Commission (CEC) decided to annul the November 15 election results for 26 out of 28 polling stations in Srebrenica due to numerous irregularities regarding the voting process and determined that people without valid BiH documents were allowed to vote. The BiH Court subsequently rejected appeals of Serb ethnic political parties to the decision.

The repeated local election in the town is set for Sunday.

However, the My Address: Srebrenica Initiative said that they were dissatisfied with a decision to not annul the mail-in ballots for the Srebrenica local election.

Mayoral candidate Alija Tabakovic told N1 that the Initiative will boycott the election.

After meeting with Srebrenica Mayor Mladen Grujicic, who is running for reelection, Viskovic said he does not believe that such a boycott will take place and that it could be a “trick.”

“We will use our right to vote. I again call on all citizens to go to the polls on the 21st. We will not react to their alleged boycott too much, (treating it) as if it were not happening at all,” he said, arguing that the coalition realised it had a problem when the CEC did not decide to repeat the election in regard to voters abroad.

This prevented the coalition from organising election fraud, he argued.

Grujicic said that the boycott is a “political end” for the coalition and that it represents an attempt to minimise their failure.

Viskovic called on “all citizens of Srebrenica, regardless of their ethnicity, to go to the polls,” adding that everything his party is doing in the town is for the well-being of all citizens as Srebrenica belongs to all, not just one ethnic group.

“RS institutions will not discriminate against anybody,” he said.

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