Members of Lev Tahor who left Bosnia now face problems in North Macedonia

NEWS 15.02.2022 16:01
Source: F. Z./N1

The members of the Jewish religious group Lev Tahor who left Bosnia and Herzegovina are now in North Macedonia where they were again met with disapproval from the local community, one of the leaders of Lev Tahor, Uriel Goldman, told N1.

North Macedonian media reported that the members of this group were temporarily settled in in Kumanovo. However, their presence caused an uproar among the locals and a group showed up in front of the houses where they were staying and threw eggs and stones at them, which prompted the police to intervene.


“These persons respect the laws of the Republic of North Macedonia. Their stay in the state is completely legal, and they are staying here temporarily. The group does not pose any danger and we appeal to tolerance and solidarity,” North Macedonia's Interior Ministry said.

Goldman told N1 that his group is being persecuted.

“Yesterday they left the house where they were staying. They went to a hotel, but the police followed them. They did not find accommodation in three hotels, because they were told that there were no free rooms,” Goldman said, adding that police helped the group find accommodation in the end.

“They want our people to feel unwelcome. This is persecution. I'm afraid someone could have a heart attack. They keep telling them they have to go. Although they paid for the whole month. Nobody returned their money. It is very difficult for them,” he said.

He also had a message for authorities in North Macedonia.

“You have to be more tolerant and respectful of people, even if they look different, even though they speak differently. It is important that you treat us as people,” he said, calling the treatment of the group in the country “shameful.”


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