Archbishop of Vrhbosna calls for end of conflict in Gaza and killing of innocent

NEWS 18.05.2021 12:22
Vinko Puljić
Vinko Puljić (FENA)

The Archbishop of Vrhbosna, Cardinal Vinko Puljic, called for an end to the conflict between Israel and Palestine on Tuesday, appealing for the problems to be resolved through dialogue.

“I have been following the news from the Holy Land with great sadness and concern over the past days, where fierce armed conflicts between Palestinians and Israelis are taking place again. So many wounded and killed, especially children, leaves no one indifferent. All of us who have survived the horrors of war sufferings know very well that in the end there are no winners in the war and that everyone loses, that problems are not solved with weapons, but that only evil is multiplied in this way. Open dialogue, the path of encounter and forgiveness have no alternative. Only in this way can this evil be stopped. I ask Almighty God, the creator of all people, that those responsible, on both sides, and the entire international community find a just solution as soon as possible that will stop the suffering of innocents, especially children so that peace and mutual trust can begin to be built in this area.” Puljic said.

The conflict in Gaza so far resulted in 212 deaths, among whom were many women and children.


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