Bosnian dog named Sevdah wins world title and Best-of-Breed award in Czechia

Source: Sevdah na takmičenju/Facebook

A Bosnian Shepherd dog town of Buzim won the Best of Breed as well as the World Champion award at the Brno World Dog Show, Husnija Burzic from the “Od Burzica” kennel wrote on her Facebook profile.

The dog whose full name is Sevdah Tor Shadow of Stone won the two awards on October 2, at the Brno World Dog Show making his owners the Burzic family very proud.

“The first news when we heard the news was indescribable, heart pounding, eyes full of tears, shortness of breath, screaming and crying at the same time… He made it. He showed his temper, character, he represented his breed. He fulfilled all our expectations and award our work, effort and love towards all our dogs,” Husnija Burzic wrote.

She then named all the people involved in the dog’s well being and the people who helped them win these prestigious awards.

Sevdah comes from a breed of dogs called Tornjak, native to Bosnia and Croatia with respective differences depending on the country the dog comes from. It is a livestock guardian dog. They are a molosser-type mountain dog, similar to other livestock guardian breeds of the region.

A typical adult Tornjak is very calm, peaceful and an indifferent animal at first sight, but when the situation demands it, it is a vigilant and very alert watchdog. The character is equal to the temperament; they are not nervous nor aggressive.

In general, they are very tough, not too demanding, sturdy dogs. With their human family, they are very emotional. When living in a pack they are highly social animals, without fighting between the pack members.


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