Govt of Bosnia's RS entity adopts law establishing its own medicines agency

Vlada RS

The Government of Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity has adopted on Thursday in an urgent procedure a law establishing its own medicines agency, separate from the state-level Agency for medicinal products and medical devices.

The new Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of Republika Srpska is, according to the law, “an independent administrative organization with the status of a legal entity.”


The law represents one of the steps of an initiative by BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik, who is also the leader of the ruling political party in the semi-autonomous RS, to withdraw the entity from numerous state institutions.

The RS National Assembly expressed support for this course of action in December.

Dodik announced the entity will withdraw from all state-level institutions not specifically mentioned in the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement, which also includes the army, judiciary and tax system,