The beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina from another perspective (VIDEO)

NEWS 23.01.2023 19:38
Source: Screenshot/ Robert Dacešin

Travel writer and blogger Robert Dacesin, who won several awards at festivals around the world, prepared a new video showing the beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the world.

Last year, the Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT) declared his video “Why Bosnia and Herzegovina can be the number 1 travel destination in the world” the best tourism video.

This time he prepared a new video in English.

“The goal was to record something different, unusual and something that will present in a few minutes not only what can be seen here, but also the spirit of our people. With this video, we will go to international festivals this year, so hopefully, we will win another award”, wrote Dacesin.

The promotional video shows all the natural beauty, attractions, as well as culinary specialities of BiH as reasons for tourists to visit the country.


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