Bosnia's peace envoy to appear before UK Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee

NEWS 26.01.2023 12:31

After the hearing at the European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs this week, regarding his latest decision to amend Bosnia's electoral legislation on the election night, October 2 last year, international peace envoy in BiH, High Representative Christian Schmidt is set to appear before the UK Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee on January 30.

The meeting details have not been unveiled, except the timing and location.

According to the UK Parliament's official website, the “oral evidence” will take place at 4 p.m. local time at the Palace of Westminster.

Schmidt's decision was met with severe criticism of a group of European parliamentarians, who initially requested the hearing before the EP's committee and later asked him for explanation how his decision was in line with the OSCE's guidelines and the Dayton Peace Agreement's provisions.


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