Violent protests in Ljubljana demanding end to strict Covid measures


Opponents of the measure to combat COVID-19 gathered at the Republic Square in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Wednesday evening, criticizing the government by chanting it to resign. Two hours later, they lit torches and started throwing them at the Parliament of Slovenia, N1 Slovenia reported.

The protesters who gathered at the Republic Square in Ljubljana had two demands: the change of measures to combat the COVID-19 virus into recommendations and early elections.

Prior to the protest, organizers called for a peaceful rally, but the incident happened as soon as an unknown person threw a bottle at one of the police officers guarding the rally. The gathered people also approached the entrance to the Parliament building. The police then stepped up their presence in front of the National Assembly.

Those present lit fan torches and started throwing them at the Parliament of Slovenia.

One of the torches fell not in the middle of the canopy above the door and burned. A police helicopter is circling over Ljubljana, N1 Slovenia reports.

The protestors also questioned all the scientific findings and indisputable facts about the coronavirus and vaccines.

According to the National Institute of Public Health of Slovenia, there are currently 11,238 active cases of infection in the country.


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