Bosnian girl featured in Vogue wants to resume career outside BiH

NEWS 04.02.2023 13:53
Asima Sefić (Instagram)

Bosnian girl, who was listed among “23 unusual people whose looks are too stunning for this world” by the Brightside magazine and was featured in Vogue and Huffington Post as a model, said she would resume her modeling career outside the country.

“I tried to make some results, be an example to young people who are leaving the country but, unfortunately, I can no longer see myself in the country where I know I won't be able to fulfill my plans and make progress. I still live in Bihac, but I certainly don't plan to build my future here,” said Asima Sefic, resident of the northwestern Bosnian city of Bihac.



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She works with an agency in Croatia, and is therefore often travelling there for business.

“I entered the world of fashion as a very young and immature girl. Of course, it took me a long time to gain confidence and therefore to learn that not everyone wishes me well. I learned that I really need to work hard for my success and goals, because everything I have achieved so far – it took me a lot of suffering to get there. Every job, including this one, has its flaws and virtues,” Sefic told Croatian media.


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