Dodik's associates announce end to blockade of BiH state institutions

NEWS 02.02.202218:04 0 komentara

Bosnian Serb officials will end their blockade of Bosnia and Herzegovina state institutions and will start participating in their work this week, officials of the SNSD party, led by Milorad Dodik, confirmed on Wednesday.

Dodik's close associate Nebojsa Radmanovic, who is also deputy chair of the BiH Parliament House of Representatives, said the SNSD MPs would attend the session of the national parliament set for Thursday.

“We will act in line with the conclusions of the Republika Srpska National Assembly,” he said.

The RS parliament on Tuesday adopted conclusions under which officials of that entity serving in the BiH Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the BiH Presidency will be able to attend meetings of these bodies in the future while respecting the views and decisions of the RS authorities.

Dodik said a proposal would be submitted to the national parliament to ban the abuse of the term genocide by amending the law banning the denial of war crimes, which was imposed in July 2021 by then outgoing High Representative Valentin Inzko and which prompted the blockade of the state institutions by Bosnian Serb officials.

The blockade of the state institutions was the reason why the US administration imposed sanctions on Dodik.

Dodik has now given up on the condition set in August 2021 and the attempt to amend the imposed law is now seen by the opposition in the Bosnian Serb entity as a sign of Dodik's weakness and the defeat of his policy.