Bosnia joined the EU statement on Ukraine at UN General Assembly

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Željko Komšić
Željko Komšić (Predsjedništvo BiH)

Zeljko Komsic, the Chairman of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s tripartite Presidency said Wednesday it was only logical for BiH to support EU’s joint statement regarding the situation in Ukraine.

He clarified that according to the Stabilisation and Association Agreement, BiH took over the obligation to observe the EU’s foreign policy.
“The EU proposed the statement at the UN and logically BiH observed that statement and EU policy in accordance with the obligations it undertook with the mentioned Agreement. There is nothing unclear here,” said the Chairman of the state presidency.

During the UN General Assembly session, Bosnia joined the Statement of the European Union on the situation in Ukraine.

The statement, among other things, strongly condemns the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to recognize the Donetsk and Luhansk regions in Ukraine as independent republics and the decision to send Russian troops to these areas.

The decision for Bosnia and Herzegovina to join the statement was made by BiH Ambassador to the UN, Sven Alkalaj.

Member of the state Presidency Milorad Dodik said Wednesday that BiH should remain neutral in this crisis.