Dodik: Peaceful separation of Bosnia's RS entity is the only option

NEWS 17.04.202119:02 0 komentara
Milorad Dodik na novinskoj konferenciji
Milorad Dodik (N1)

According to the Chairman of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency and leader of the strongest Bosnian Serb party in the country, Milorad Dodik, the “only option” for Bosnia in the future is the peaceful secession of its Republika Srpska (RS) entity.

Dodik made the statement in light of a controversial document that was published on Thursday by the Slovenian news portal – an alleged non-paper that proposes redrawing borders in the Western Balkans.


The document presents the options of Kosovo joining Albania and including parts Bosnia's Serb-dominated RS entity into Serbia while the country’s mostly Croat-populated parts would be annexed to Croatia.

While the Bosniak and Bosnian Croat members of the tripartite Presidency condemned the document, Dodik argued that a “peaceful separation” is being discussed.

“This is the only option and it will certainly be realised in some coming period,” he said.

He arguing that there is no other option in a situation where the main Bosniak party in the country, the Party of Democratic Action (SDA), and its leader, Bakir Izetbegovic, are working towards Bosnia becoming a unitary state without semi-autonomous entities.

Dodik said that the separation line between Bosnia’s two entities, which he called a “border”, is something that will not be changed under any circumstances as it internationally recognised in the Dayton Peace Agreement.

“Izetbegovic wants to realise the concepts of his father (late BiH President Alija Izetbegovic) to create a Muslim state. Muslims would then rule there and decide on everything. Serb would be punished forever. Of course, this will not happen,” he said.