Youngest genocide victim to be buried on July 11 is 16-year-old Azmir Osmanovic

NEWS 01.07.2021 09:59

The youngest genocide victim that will be buried on July 11 at the Potocari Memorial Centre is Azmir Osmanovic, who was 16 when he died trying to flee the horrors of war in the Bosnian eastern town of Srebrenica in 1995.

Azmir's brother, Azir Osmanovic, is an employee of the Potocari-Srebrenica Memorial Centre today. The last time he saw his brother was at a gas station near Srebrenica, he remembers.

“After an ambush at the Kamenicko hill, my brother separated from my father and they never met again. The father was looking for him, but after reaching the Luka village, near Zepa, he learned that the brother was killed in Poljanci, close to the Susnjari and Slatina villages, on the territory of Srebrenica municipality,” said Azir.

Azmir was with a group of other boys, his classmates, and they were trying to get to free territories.

One of the survivors, Islam Bektic, remembers that they got lost on the way.

“None of us five was armed,” he stressed.

They were told that they could still go to Zepa because it was still free territory but they did not know how to get there and got lost.

Three boys were killed, including Azmir, who will be buried on July 11.

His remains were found in August 2018. DNA analysis showed the skull that was found in Poljanci near Srebrenica was Azmir's.

“My father Aziz didn't live to see his son was identified, because three months after the skull was found he died. After I learned it was my brother's skull, I felt as if he was killed that very moment,” said the victim's brother.

Azir survived the Srebrenica genocide as a 13-year-old boy. Today, he is a historian who works as a curator at the Memorial Centre and tells the stories of Srebrenica people to the visitors.

It is his duty to tell the truth about the Srebrenica genocide, he says, so that it happens never again, to anyone.


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