A dossier on the infamous Arkan's unit presented in Serbia


Members of the Serbian Volunteer Guard (SDG), under the command of the infamous Zeljko Raznatovic ‘Arkan’, also took part in the Srebrenica genocide in July 1995, said Jovana Kolaric, a researcher of the Humanitarian Law Fund (FHP) presenting the dossier on the SDG.

According to the Fund's data, the SDG had over 4,000 members, who are responsible for crimes in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, but Serbia never prosecuted any of them.

The Serbian police and army supplied the SDG with arms and equipment, the dossier says adding that the unit no longer exists.

The dossier adds that the police and military forces in Serbia, Republika Srpska Krajina and Republika Srpska knew about the murders, rapes and robberies of SDG members, but that no one took any action to prevent this.

The headquarters of the SDG was located in Raznatovic's house on Ljutice Bogdana Street in Belgrade, and the recruitment centre was in Erdut, Kolaric said.

According to her, the police had information about the murders of civilians in Erdut.

Kolarif stated that the SDG was responsible for the murders of several dozen civilians in the Bosnian cities of Bijeljina and Zvornik in 1992 and that it was engaged in 1994 in the area of Velika Kladusa, and the following year in other parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

SDG members also participated in the murders of Bosniaks from Srebrenica in July 1995, Jovana Kolaric said, adding that several of them were engaged in the Special Operations Unit.

The Fund’s Executive Director Ivana Zanic said that Serbia’s War Crimes Prosecution made sure to file as few indictments as possible.