Chetnik movement march through Visegrad streets on Christmas Eve

NEWS 07.01.2022 09:16

Members of the Ravna Gora Chetnik movement from Visegrad marched through the streets of Visegrad in a convoy of vehicles, carrying flags and Chetnik symbols. According to local portals, the convoy was headed in the direction of Drazevina, where they celebrated the burning of Yule log near the monastery of St. Nikolai.

Earlier on Thursday, Miro Jeremic, a member of this association, spoke for the Balkan Investigative Research Network (BIRN), emphasizing that there will be no official mass gathering of members of the Ravna Gora movement in Visegrad for Christmas Day.

He stated that several people would “take Yule log for the sake of tradition”, but that there would be no mass gathering.

The police in Visegrad pointed out that they did not receive a report on the gathering.

The head of the Majlis of the Islamic Community of Visegrad, Bilal Memisevic, pointed out that during Christmas Eve at around six o'clock a burst of gunfire was fired in Visegrad, adding that he also noticed the iconography of the Chetnik movement.

BIRN recalled that the celebration of the religious holiday of Christmas by driving and playing songs through Potocari, Bratunac and Visegrad on Christmas Eve 2020 was previously assessed by returnees as the spread of toxic nationalism, which caused fear.

The State Prosecutor's Office has opened a case on this event.


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