Eric Gordy: Non-papers serve to promote fear and raise tensions

NEWS 23.04.202110:47 0 komentara

The quality of the contents of the alleged Slovenian non-paper which was recently uncovered by some media outlets is extremely bad, Eric Gordy, a professor of political and cultural sociology at London’s UCL told N1 Friday, adding that as such, it is an unofficial document which does not represent the position of the Slovenian government.

“It (the non-paper) is a weak analysis containing incorrect claims, a non-existent plan or if there is a plan it is such that no state could not accept it, might even be a forgery or it could have been prepared by politicians, not professionals in ministries of foreign affairs. This means that it is some kind of intervention, but it’s unclear whether it is an intervention that serves the current Slovenian government or not. The fact that we are dealing with such interpretations of such a document, I think, is an expression of the weakness and instability of political institutions. It’s an expression of a generally bad influence in which states have not established their legitimacy and means that many issues have remained open,” Gordy told N1.

According to him, the goal of such a document is to raise tensions and promote fear, 25 years after the Bosnian war.
He noted that the European Union is united in supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina and that it is against any dissolution of the country.

According to the professor, should some part of BiH want to join Serbia or Croatia it would not receive support from those two states, because the authorities there are aware that they, as signatories of the Dayton Agreement, are obliged to keep BiH within the existing borders.