Lendvai: Attack on Bosnia and Herzegovina is a sad reflection of Hungary

This is a sad reflection of Hungarian foreign policy. Instead of promoting peaceful co-operation, it is attacking the very foundations of one of Europe's most fragile states, said Paul Lendvai, the author of a biography of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and a journalist with seven and a half decades of experience. Lendvai assessed Orban's latest statements on Bosnia and Herzegovina moves as moves in favour of Russia and creating problems in Europe.

Speaking to N1’s Esmir Milavic, he said the Hungarian people have always been a mixture of many peoples from Serbia, Croats, Serbs, Muslims, but also Germans and Jews.

Click the interview above to see what Lendvai says about Hungary’s position towards the EU, its neighbours, Russia as well as his seven and a half decades of journalistic experience, about the European Union and its Enlargement Commissioner, strengthening of right-wing political forces and the state of journalism in the world today.