MEP Waitz: 6,000 troops can be deployed in BiH in 24 hours

NEWS 12.12.2021 21:231 komentar

The Green's/EFA MEP Thomas Waitz, who is visiting Bosnia together with the Chairman of the Delegation of the European Parliament for Cooperation with BiH and Kosovo Romeo Franz, said on Sunday that he received guarantees from NATO Generals that up to 6,000 troops can be deployed in BiH within from 24 hours to seven days, if necessary.

In an exclusive interview with N1, when asked by Ika Ferrer-Gotic if he meant to say that the international community was on hold, Waitz replied: “Yes!”

“I am aware of how many young people have left the country because there is fear of a new war. Luckily, the RS does not have access to such weapons as it had in the Balkan wars. These are intelligence data that we have not only from the EU but also from NATO. Artillery is no longer available to the RS. Also, there is the presence of international forces. I know they were reduced, but we have guarantees from the generals that they can bring up to 6,000 troops within 24 hours to seven days from the first moment,” Waitz said.

Waitz and Franz are staying in the country over the weekend in order to calm the political crisis. On Monday they plan to meet with members of Bosnia’s tripartite Presidency as well as BiH MPs.

To see what else he said on this and other topics, play the video above.


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